Our Story

Throughout most of my life, fear and heartbreak trained me to keep my friendships shallow—safe, so I thought. I chose not to hide my problems, never ask for help and wear a plastic smile instead of letting people in. In 2020, God used my husband to teach me about friendship and the importance of Christian fellowship. He helped me understand friendship as a gift from Christ, a gift offered to me, and one that I can offer with others as an act of worship!  These truths led me to develop friendships that brought health and delight to my life! 

These revelations on friendship lead to me meeting with a group of ladies I call the Haitian Manmi club.  Four of us gather once a month for fellowship, encouragement, delicious food, and laughter—lots of laughter!  One Saturday, in between laughs and bites of loaded baked potato and French toast, these ladies started teaching me about the benefits of essential oils and sharing DIY cleaning recipes made with vinegar, essential oils, and baking soda.

This conversation piqued my interest in formulating natural products, but to this day, I have yet to create those natural cleaning products!  Instead, my research and intrigue led me to a soap-making class and thorough studies into skin and hair care. Through my training and research, I uncovered and nourished a passion for beauty formulations.

Before long, I began sharing my concoctions with close friends and family members. These dear people gave built my confidence with encouragement and honest feedback, they helped me improve my formulations, and develop and launch Naturally à Nous!

Here at Naturally  à Nous, we create all of our skin and hair care products for the glory of God and the delight of our loved ones!  As you purchase and enjoy these hair and body care products, receive them as an extension of the gift of friendship I’ve received.

Naturally   à   Nous is naturally mine, naturally yours—naturally ours